Dr. Maassen Dr. Nicholas Maassen

Originally from the Midwest Dr. Maassen did both his Medical School training and Residency at the University of Wisconsin before going to New York City to do a fellowship in Upper Extremity surgery at Beth Israel Medical Center. While he cares for all forms of Orthopedic issues, he has a specific expertise in complex and hard to treat upper extremity issues.

Since starting his practice in the Houston area, he has published a number of research studies on different aspects of both fractures and sports injuries as well as presenting ideas at regional and national conferences. Currently his research interests include reassessing surgical methods to improve patient experience, reduce costs, and work on novel pain control methods after surgery.

Dr. Maassen’s general philosophy to patient care focuses on the multidisciplinary approach where it takes a number of providers; doctors, physicians assistants, nurses, and therapists to help a patient return to full health. A patient centered approach that includes and focuses on general health, therapy, and knowledge is the key to ensuring the best possible outcomes for patients who are looking to return to their previous activities.

It has taken some time but he and his wife have acclimated to the Houston summers and enjoy the year round activities that the greater Houston area offers. His daughter born here in Texas only knows mild winters and consumes most of his free time with trips to the park, a love of anything pink, and unmatched energy .

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