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INOV8’s Vision

The goal of INOV8 Orthopedics is to create an innovative, advanced, and efficient surgical program that takes advantage of the latest medical technology and best practices in management to create superior outcomes for all stakeholders. In addition to driving superior outcomes, the program will also lead the industry in the efficient delivery of advanced medical care through the employment of best practices in medicine that reduce waste and associated costs. The opportunity is clear: the demand for clinical surgical care is increasing and there is a pressure to innovate to improve outcomes, patient experience, and maximize the utilization of current healthcare spend.

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Reimagining the Provider’s Experience Leadership in Clinical Research Improving Patient Experience Cutting Edge Training and Technology Innovative Surgical Program Best Practices in Management Advanced Medical Care Creating Happier Patients

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Why Choose Inov8?

  • We employ the best surgeons, equipping them with the best technology and training, and creating a phenomenal work environment.
  • Fundamental Goal of our surgery center is to improve patient experience.
  • Minimizing redundant paperwork through effective use of EMR systems, effectively implementing patient registration, and minimizing wait times.
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