Total Knee Replacement (Arthroplasty) in Houston, TX

Outpatient Total Knee Replacement (Total Knee Arthroplasty)

An outpatient total knee replacement surgery, also known as total knee arthroplasty, is an advanced joint replacement procedure. With these knee replacements, robotic surgery affords surgeons precision, flexibility, and control, which reduces trauma on the bone and tissue during surgery. Our surgeons in Houston use the TSolution One Total Knee Application for both surgical pre-planning and to perform computer-assisted knee surgery.

With these advanced methods and the TSolution One, our surgeons are able to send many patients home on the same day as their procedure. Typically, the incision for this procedure is made on the side of the knee.

During the operation, our surgeon will cut away damaged cartilage and bone. After the damaged materials are removed, your custom-made knee implant—created with the assistance of advanced Bodycad software—will be installed. Once the implant is installed, the incision will be sutured closed.

As noted above, because we utilize knee replacement’s latest technology, many patients return home the very same day of their surgery. This will depend on a variety of health factors and how well you respond to the procedure. Patients who follow all post-operative instructions will optimize the success of the procedure and reduce knee replacement recovery time.

Revision Total Knee Replacement

Knee replacements have an extremely high success rate. However, there may be factors which have caused a previous knee replacement to fail. If your implant has failed, then you will need a revision total knee replacement. Failure can occur for many reasons and future surgery will depend on making the correct diagnosis. At INOV8 we perform over 200 revision surgeries annually and have developed a very comprehensive approach to assess, diagnose and treat these complex cases.

Revision procedures require extensive surgical pre-planning as they are more complex. During the procedure, our surgeon may need to remove all the hardware from the initial surgery and will determine what type of revision implant will be necessary to improve function.